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Core Analytics® Advanced Analytics Solutions - Chicago and Bay-Area Advanced Analytics Services

Core Analytics® is a Chicago and Bay Area-based advanced analytics services provider. Core Analytics® is the development hub of the BrandMeter™. Core started out in 2000 with a focus on database marketing and direct mail, and over the years has followed the multi-channel evolution to become the full-service database integration, segmentation, predictive analytics consultancy it is today. Core differentiates itself from other service providers with a deep analytical focus and ability to pull together diverse data from across the web and combine this with offline customer transaction details to offer a customized, relevant and cutting-edge solution to target marketing, brand promotion, customer retention and acquisition.

Core Analytics® also works with firms who are relatively new to social media and mobile analytics, to identify, extract and integrate social media and mobile data (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and other blog and forum initiatives) customized for a specific industry and business. Core Analytics® also works with larger companies who are at various stages of development of their analytics platform, who have a growing history of transactional, third party, social media, web, call center and email, and direct customer data , to assemble flexible and scalable analytic datamarts and create customized dashboard reports on trending, perform customer segmentation and predictive modeling including probability models related to customer retention, acquisition, campaign response, multichannel optimization as well as brand sentiment mitigation, customer service through social media, and social media loyalty programs.

Core Analytics® utilizes social media activation process and toolkit that incorporates sentiment, influence, consumer psychological progress through the evolutionary stages of social media and brand awareness and adoption. Contact us for more details.

Core Analytics® works with your existing infrastructure and software portfolio whereever possible to provide the following services

Data integration, data profiling, and data cleansing
Analytic datamart development
Big Data Setup, Integration and Analytics
Dashboards, ad hoc reporting, trend analysis reports
Web usability, SEO and SEM solutions
Marketing segmentation strategy
Segmentation-based treatment selection strategy
Predictive decision tree and regression models
Marketing campaign assessment
Campaign measurement and reporting
Social media analytics and strategy
Mobile analytics and strategy

We also provide consultants on a contract basis for all of the above services, experienced in

SPSS (base, Modeler, Text Mining, Social Network Analysis, Social Media Analytics, Cognos, Unica)
SAS (base and EM)
Python, Javascript, R
SQL and NoSQL databases
CRM systems
Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP / Baan ERP

Contact us to discuss how Core Analytics® can work with you to implement fact-based decision making and marketing campaigns.

News & Events

» Chicago, March 24, 2014
Join Core Analytics at the March Chicago Big Data Analytics Networking Event!

» Chicago, February 10, 2014
Join Core Analytics at the February Chicago Big Data Analytics Networking Event!

» Chicago, December 17, 2013
Join Core Analytics at the December Chicago Big Data Analytics Networking Event!

» Chicago, November 25, 2013
Join Core Analytics at the Chicago Big Data Analytics Meetup! Big Data Analytics November Meetup: NAR on Big Data, then Kognitio MPP databases.

» San Francisco, June 26-27, 2013
Join Core Analytics at the Hadoop Summit 2013!

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