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Core Analytics®
Core Analytics® is a Chicago-based marketing and business advanced analytics consulting firm. We specialize in advanced analytics solutions across verticals and deploy data-driven predictive analytics and segmentation strategy to drive value for our clients. Our analytics specialists have deep expertise deriving and applying advanced analytics to drive innovative and impactful financial, insurance, healthcare, utilities, retail, manufacturing, telecommunications, non-profit, consulting, high-tech, digital and mobile solutions.

Core Analytics® offers a variety of services that are rooted in applied big data analytics, digital analytics and increasingly mobile analytics. We work with our clients to understand their customers, competitors and markets through rigorous data analysis and sophisticated statistical approaches. We derive the baseline levels of loyalty in a customer (or competitor) database through the application of our proprietary BrandMeter® Customer Loyalty Measurement system. Once this loyalty level is assessed, we work with clients to drive targeted tactical treatments at the micro-segment level aimed at increasing customer loyalty, which results in measurable increases in both client profits and customer satisfaction, which are provided through our BrandMeter® dashboard reporting offering. We also offer integrated cloud-based ERP solutions that link to customer data and optimize both the marketing and the supply-chain management processes.

We work with clients to create world-class big data integration, bringing together structured and unstructured data in relational databases with big data file systems such as Hadoop, and other no-SQL databases. We apply text mining and other cutting-edge technology solutions to make sense of unstructured data such as social media, forum comments, tweets, facebook posts, photos, geo-location, video and audio files. All of this data becomes actionable once derived and stored in a time-series, customer level BrandMeter® datamart. Core Analytics® brings all of the customer data together, processes it, applies advanced analytics to incorporate the new big data-derived customer level variables and associated BrandMeter® loyalty metric into highly accurate predictive analytics and customer micro-segmentation solutions. All of this is measurable and fully transparent through the BrandMeter® customer dashboard reporting. In this way our clients are able to understand customer loyalty and profitability levels at the outset and how metrics and loyalty market share increases as the big data analytics strategy is executed.

Contact us at Core Analytics® to discuss how we can optimize your enterprise analytics architecture, data strategy and predictive analytics strategy.

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