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Core Analytics®
Core Analytics® has several analytics-related domains for sale, as we are currently in the process of divestiture. Inquires related to coreanalytics.com, doctoranalytics.com, druganalytics.com, tweetinsights.com, etc. are welcome at this time. These domains are currently listed on GoDaddy.com auctions.

Contact us at Core Analytics® if you have questions regarding potential acquisition of the domains or LLC other than information found on GoDaddy Auctions

News & Events

Chicago, April 26,2017
Core Analytics launches Genomicore, providing genomic-based analytics solutions for healthcare

Chicago, July 23,2017
Core Analytics IP and business assets are being divested. Those interested in coreanalytics.com, LLC-related assets, additional domains in the analytics and IoT/Machine Learning space are encouraged to visit GoDaddy Auctions or reach out directly via the contact number listed on the site.